Documents Your Attorney Needs to See

Documents Your Attorney Needs to See to Meet with You

Your attorney needs to go over your financial situation and review your financial documents with you in your initial meeting. Once you gather the documents and information below, we will set an appointment for you to meet with us. However, you don’t need to wait until you have gathered all the documents your attorney needs to see before you call us. Calling us means Margaret Travis can answer your questions and help you understand the qualifications and requirements to file a bankruptcy upfront. Because requirements and qualifications differ from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13, we encourage you to call us today.

Full Documentation of Your Financial Situation

Margaret Travis needs documentation of your financial situation when she meets with you. This ensures you do not waste your time or hers dealing with incomplete information and scrambling to answer questions. When you must rush to gather and organize your documents, it becomes very easy to overlook something. If you think you may need to file a bankruptcy, we suggest you start gathering documents NOW.

Debts and Bills

We recommend you gather documentation on everything you owe. Bring to Ms. Travis your bills, collection letters, suit papers, and everything that shows who you owe money to. Collect everything in one place, either in a digital or paper folder, to have it ready for us. If you fail to list debts on your court schedules and filings, you may not receive a discharge for those debts.


Think about everything you own. Do you have any inactive bank accounts just sitting there, retirement accounts, or any other assets you don’t think about often? The deed to your house and titles to your cars? Do you own anything of value, such as mineral interests or a pending lawsuit? Start gathering documentation on everything you own as soon as you can.

You need to provide accurate information to your attorney and to the bankruptcy Trustee as well as all the documents your attorney needs to see. Failure to disclose all your assets, or worse, lying on your bankruptcy documents, is a federal offense.

Documents Your Attorney Needs to See:

Income, Payments, and Spending:

(1) ALL paycheck stubs for all members of your household for the previous six full months (full payroll record for your household).
(2) ALL bank statements that have your name on them for the previous six full months.
(3) ALL your state and federal income tax returns, including Schedules and attachments, for the last four full years.

Housing Information:

(4) The DEED, NOTE, and MORTGAGE to your house.
We specifically need to know:
a. Name of entity or individual to whom you make your house payment.
b. Amount of your house payment.
c. Breakdown of your monthly house payment between principal, interest, and escrow.
d. The interest rate on your mortgage.
e. The legal description of the real estate.

Other Documents and Financial Information:

(5) Statements for any retirement accounts you have.
(6) Titles to any vehicles in your name as well as any loan paperwork for those vehicles.
(7) ALL your bills (credit card statements, utilities, and anything else).
(8) ANY collection letters you have received.
(9) ANY suit papers filed against you.
(10) Your Social Security card.
(11) Your driver’s license.

These documents will get the process started and your attorney will provide you with a list when you meet with her.

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